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Men attracted to transsexual are gay?

If there is a question that comes very often, whether it’s asked to transgenders themselves, or asked to men who like transgenders, it’s definitely that one! Does it make you gay, if you are attracted to transsexuals?

The answer is not as straight forward as you might think. And actually, what does it mean to be “gay”? Are straight and gay two strictly distinct categories, and everybody falls into one or the other? At what point does dating transsexuals make you fall from the straight category into the gay category?

Men who like ladyboys are gay?

Back in 1948, American sexologist Alfred Kinsey conducted a study that shows that sexual orientation is not as simple as being either straight or either gay. Actually, sexual orientation is best described as a scale, with one extremity being totally straight, the other extremity being totally gay, and in between an infinity of possibilities. Nobody is never 100% straight or 100% gay, we are all a combination of both.

So, short answer: men who are attracted to transsexuals are pretty straight.

Trans-oriented men

First of all, trans-oriented men define themselves as straight. And it’s not because they’re gay in denial! It’s very common that you see men who like both genetic women and transsexuals. But it’s very rare that you see men who like both men and transsexuals.

Actually, gay men don’t like transsexuals at all. For a gay man, a transsexual is way too much of a woman for him. Gay men just go for other men, they like masculinity.

A good proof of that, is shemale porn (or transsexual porn). You will never see shemale porn on a gay porn website! Shemale porn always has its place on straight porn websites instead (amongst the other categories, big boobs, brunettes, etc!). Shemale porn is clearly targeting straight men.

More clarity

When a trans-oriented man sees a transsexual, he basically sees a woman, not more, not less. Like anybody else actually. Let’s take for example a beautiful and passable transsexual, she is walking in the street, and you look at her. You have little chance to be able to tell that she is in fact a transsexual, right. If a man is attracted to her, he is attracted to a beautiful woman, and that’s a very straight attraction. He has no clue of what’s down there (nor does it matter), and knowing it doesn’t make him less of a straight man.

What you see is what you get, literally. Transsexual women are women on everything (except this little exception, and it depends on sex change surgery…), therefore it’s making men who are attracted to them, well, pretty straight.

If you had to put trans-oriented men somewhere on the Kinsey scale, they would definitely not fit next to the gay extremity, but rather pretty close to the straight extremity!

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